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Home Management Services

Helping you protect and maintain the value of your home

Why should I consider home management services?

It can be challenging to know what home maintenance work needs to be done when, and how to prioritize the to-do list for your home.  It can also be time-consuming to find service professionals that you can trust and get work coordinated and completed on your home.

Nest Egg’s home management services can help. Our independent inspectors, are like having your handy uncle or cousin able to stop by and give you advice on your home.  Bringing in our qualified staff gives you the peace of mind that you have someone in your corner who doesn’t make money off fixing the problems they find.

Our highly qualified home inspectors will perform an annual home inspection to start you off on the right foot by identifying needed repairs, and maintenance tasks.  Then, your home management plan will keep you on track by helping you look at the larger view of upgrades or changes you’d like to make on the home in the upcoming year, and creating a customized plan.


Save money

Homes that are well-maintained cost less in unexpected repairs.  When it comes time to sell, you can breathe easy knowing the market value of the home is more protected because it’s been taken care of over time.


Enjoy your home

Why wait until you are selling your home to make repairs and improvements?  Keeping your home in great shape gives you a chance to enjoy it now!


Save time

With our team coordinating your home to-do list, you can have more freedom to enjoy life.  Keeping your home well-maintained also leads to less unexpected repairs and fewer interruptions.

home management service options

Our home management services kick off with our comprehensive home inspection, or annual home health check-up so that we have a baseline for the current condition of your home and its maintenance needs.  Then, you can choose from several service package options, or create a package customized for your home and needs to make sure you get the best mix of price and value.

Here’s a brief summary of our most popular packages:


Annual Plan

Our team can help you create an annual plan for the maintenance and improvements you’d like to make to your home.  This includes helping to think through the priority, cost, timing, as well as what professionals you may use to complete the work.  Once the work is done, don’t forget to use your free improvement or repair validation visit from us before you make your final payment.

We also customize a seasonal home maintenance checklist to keep you on top of any evolving needs of your home and are only a phone call away if you run into questions.


Seasonal Plan

Looking for more support throughout the year? Have our team complete your seasonal checklists for you. We’ll work with you to incorporate any findings into your home management plan, and you can rest easy knowing a professional is evaluating the evolving condition of your home.


Concierge Plan

Our team kicks into high gear to help you implement your home management plan including planned maintenance, repairs, and improvements.  We can coordinate the service appointments, validate the improvements and repairs, and keep you on track enjoying your home.


Build Your Own

We are happy to create custom packages for you and your specific needs.  Just give us a call or send us a note to get started today!

Get in touch with our team!

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you find the best fit for you.  Give us a call or send us a note today!

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