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Get answers to the questions you might be asking about our pricing.

    How do you determine the price for an inspection?

    We keep our pricing simple and easy to understand. We have a base price, which is adjusted for the size of your home. (*We are happy to service any home in the state of North Carolina, but please be aware that a trip charge is applied for homes that are more that 40 miles from our office starting at $75.)

    • Comprehensive Inspections offer an in-depth assessment of your home and include a FREE drone inspection of your roof and gutters and a FREE infrared scan of your ceiling and walls. This is the recommended inspection for real estate transactions, and our base price is $400 for homes under 1500 square feet and increasing $25 for each additional 500 square feet after that. We do offer a lower rate of $375 for condos and townhouses under 1000 square feet.
    • Annual Home Health Check-ups help you identify issues before they develop into a costly repairs and include coaching to help you stay on top of maintenance and create a prevention plan to save you money and keep your family safe. Our base price is $375 for most homes (price adjusted for size after 1,500 square feet).
    • Five-Point Inspections focus on areas of your home most likely to be the cause of needed repairs: Roof, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating/AC. Our base price is $285 up to 3,500 square feet, then adjusted for the size of the home.

    We also offer competitive prices for specific inspections or add-on services, such as Radon Gas Testing, Termite Inspections, Pre-Drywall Inspections, and more. Give us a call at (919) 436-4663 for complete pricing information.

    When is payment expected?

    You can pay your invoice via the link in your confirmation email with a card or bank draft at any time. You can also pay at the inspection appointment with cash or a check. We do ask for payment prior to sending your inspection report. If you prefer to make your payment over the phone, our office staff would be happy to assist.

    Do you offer special pricing or promotions?

    As a thank you for their service, we proudly offer 10% off the cost of our home inspections for all military and veterans. Please mention you are a veteran in the notes section when scheduling online and we will apply the discount for you. Additionally, if you are using a VA Loan, please select that box in the scheduling form. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram for any special promotions!

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